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Managing your money wisely needs careful planning, knowledge about your local area, and the ability to think ahead. At EEA Advisory, we use all these skills to help you with your finances, focusing on your region to make sure your business is always strong and stable.


Streamlined Tax & Accounting Solutions

Navigating annual accounts and taxes can often feel like a maze, especially for directors unfamiliar with the Australian regulatory environment. But why wade through this complexity alone? Lean on our seasoned tax & accounting professionals who are adept at ensuring compliance with the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) standards and timelines.

Our tax & accounting services equip you with a dedicated accountant who’s there not just to manage numbers but to guide you. With their expertise, rest easy knowing you aren’t overpaying on taxes, overlooking eligible credits, or missing out on potential refunds. This way, you’re free to channel your energy into your true passion—growing and nurturing your business.


Strategic Accounting: Navigating Complexity with Expertise

Customised Accounting for Sustainable Growth

In today's dynamic market, having adaptive financial strategies is paramount. Our dedication lies in crafting financial frameworks tailored to your immediate and long-term business objectives. By seamlessly integrating cloud technology with the latest software solutions, we deliver timely and transparent accounting services, tailored to suit regional nuances.

Local Expertise Meets Precision

Every industry presents its unique set of challenges. We ensure that our collaboration with you draws from both broad accounting expertise and a deep understanding of your specific sector. This dual proficiency facilitates analytics-driven strategies, always aligning with an accurate tax perspective.

Effortlessly Navigate the Tax System

With its evolving rules and stipulations, the tax system can be a complex maze. However, our seasoned tax advisors are adept at managing these intricacies. We're committed to ensuring your operations remain compliant while capitalising on all available tax incentives. Our focus is to optimise your finances within the confines of local tax laws without overcomplicating the process.

Transformative Solutions for Dynamic Challenges

Australia's business landscape is marked by both opportunities and uncertainties. With our blend of industry-specific expertise and innovative tools, we transform challenges into stepping stones for your venture. Our advisory services are not just about mitigation but about capitalising on every twist and turn the Australian market presents.


ASIC Compliance & Business Structuring Expertise

Navigating the complexities of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) can be daunting. Our team provides guidance on ASIC compliance, coupled with valuable structuring advice to ensure your business is set up for long-term success and resilience.

Budgeting & Financial Modelling

Get a clear financial plan and a model for your business’s future. Our team helps you predict and
prepare for what’s next, making your business stronger and more adaptable to changing markets.

Cashflow Forecasting & Dashboard Reporting

Understand your business’s financial health easily and at a glance. We offer cash flow forecasts and simple, visual reports that help you make quick and informed decisions.

Comprehensive Income Tax Services

At EEA Advisory, we streamline the process of filing your income tax returns, ensuring you’re compliant with Australian tax laws. Our expertise extends to helping you optimise your tax situation, so you retain the most of your hard-earned money.

Detailed Financial Reporting

Transparency is paramount in business decisions. Our financial statement services provide a clear snapshot of your business’s health, delivering insights that drive informed decision-making and foster growth.

Efficient Activity Statement Management

Stay updated and compliant with the Australian Taxation Office requirements. Our team diligently processes your activity statements, ensuring accuracy and punctuality, which translates to peace of mind for our clients.

Forensic Accounting

Experience peace of mind even in complex financial situations. Our forensic team will identify
any irregularities or fraud in your financial records, ensuring safety and transparency.

General Purpose Financial Reporting

Stay compliant and transparent with our financial reporting service. We create reports that are easy
to understand, helping you and your stakeholders keep track of your business’s financial status.

Holistic Bookkeeping & Payroll Solutions

A robust bookkeeping system is the backbone of a thriving business. Our meticulous bookkeeping services dovetail with our payroll solutions, ensuring your business’s financial operations run smoothly and employees are paid accurately and on time.

Strategic Tax Planning

We don’t just do file returns; we plan for the future. Our team analyses your financial situation to recommend optimal tax-saving strategies, ensuring you’re always a step ahead and minimising your tax liability.

Shareholder & Partnership Agreements

Start on the right foot with clear agreements. Our team assists in creating straightforward shareholder
and partnership agreements, making business relationships smoother and hassle-free.

QBCC Services

Meet the standards set by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission effortlessly. Our knowledgeable team assists with licensing, reporting, and other QBCC requirements, simplifying compliance for your business in the Queensland construction sector.


” Before I found EEA Advisory, the whole finance thing felt like trying to read a book in a language I didn’t understand. But with EEA’s Accounting and Advisory team, suddenly everything clicked. They broke things down, skipped the jargon, and just got to the heart of what I needed. They don’t just throw numbers at you; they listen, understand, and guide you through. Partnering with them has been such a relief. Truly, it’s more than just finance “

Evie Walker

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Simplifying finance for businesses, we handle the complexities. With EEA Advisory, you focus on your passion, and we’ll take care of your financial journey.