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Choosing EEA Advisory : The Key Benefits

Tax Savings Strategy

We specialise in optimising your financial affairs to shrink your tax liability. Our Chartered Accountants are proficient in utilising tax law provisions, making your tax bill the least of your concerns.

Personalised Advisory Services

With EEA-Advisory, you get the privilege of unrestricted access to your advisor. Be it calls or emails, our prompt responses ensure that you get answers to your queries anytime, improving your financial understanding and decision-making process.

Profit Amplification

We aim to bring a tangible difference to your business by devising strategies to maximise profits. Our services aim to get you more cash out of your business operations, paving the way for you to realise your personal financial goals.

Transparent Pricing Options

We value transparency in billing. That’s why we offer the option of a fixed fee model, allowing you to know your costs upfront and avoid hidden charges. It’s predictable pricing, tailored for your peace of mind. Contact us to explore this and other pricing options we offer.

Secure Business Foundations

We help solidify your business standing by formulating strong strategies and providing real-time data insights using tools like Xero. With EEA-Advisory, feel assured about your business’s direction and future.

A Refreshing Accountant Experience

We revolutionise the traditional accountant-client relationship by adopting a personalised and positive approach. Regular interactions with clients ensure you stay updated and facilitate a stronger and mutually beneficial connection.

We Generate Value and Trust

Rated #1 Top-Rated Accountants


Our promise to you is straightforward – we’ll not only handle your numbers, but we will also become trusted advisors for your business, providing you with actionable insights and strategic guidance that will help you take your business to the next level.

Marc and Lisa Vieyra
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Ben has been our Financial Advisor for many years and we are always impressed with his knowledge, professionalism and honesty. Ben is very personable and it is easy to discuss all of our finances with him. We highly recommend Ben for anyone needing help with their finances.
Malcolm and Carol Davies
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Fantastic Advice and Service 5 stars to Ben who has been our financial advisor for over 10 years. Ben has been open and honest and has always provided the best advice for our long-term goals to transition into our retirement years with peace of mind. We would highly recommend Ben from EEA Advisory to anyone.
Isla and Henry Wallace
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Engaging with EEA Advisory has brought clarity and direction to our financial roadmap. The tailored advice on property investments and securing favourable terms on our home loans speaks to their expertise and commitment to our wellbeing. We earnestly recommend them to anyone looking to fortify their financial future.
Sue and Tim Murphy
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Working with EEA Advisory has been great. They give advice that really fits our needs. They helped us deal with a tricky financial market and were always there to help us with our assets. We totally suggest them to anyone who needs a reliable financial friend.
Chris and Pat Archer
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Our advisor at EEA Advisory has guided us through nearly a decade of financial decisions, offering sound advice on superannuation strategies and insights into the volatile property market. Their experience and professionalism have been instrumental in safeguarding our financial future. We can't recommend them highly enough for anyone looking to secure a solid financial foundation.
Dani and Leigh Kavanagh
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We've been with EEA Advisory for several years, and the guidance has been nothing short of fantastic. With expertise in navigating intricate tax landscapes and identifying lucrative investment opportunities, they have facilitated a stress-free approach to our retirement planning. If you're seeking financial advice rooted in understanding and experience, EEA Advisory comes highly recommended.

We're the silent wizards, turning the magic of numbers into your business success.

Our Team

Our promise to you is simple but powerful – we are here to do much more than just handle your accounts. We’re a team of dedicated experts, ready to dive deep into the heart of your business to help it grow and succeed. With a wealth of experience and skills in both Xero and MYOB, we are your go-to advisors, ready to steer your business in the right direction. We are excited to work with you, to not just meet your expectations but exceed them. Get in touch with us today and feel the real difference we can make.

Brayden A

Managing Partner

Chris M


Steve B


Ben V

Partner - Wealth Mgmt.

Jun W

Senior Accountant

Grace G


Edina T


Caitlin E

Client Services

Alesia V

Wealth mgmt. Support

XERO Experts

EEA-Advisory is proud of its status as a Xero Gold Partner. Serving a diverse range of clients across multiple industries, we position Xero as the core financial component for every business we cater to. Our Chartered Accountants and bookkeepers aren’t merely users of Xero; they’re certified Xero advisors who are zealous about maximising the potential of this tool to ensure your business thrives.

We exploit Xero’s powerful cloud-based features to delve deeply into your business’s financial landscape. This profound insight, together with our steadfast commitment to delivering beyond expectations, shifts your engagement with us from simply transactional to genuinely transformative.

Let's Connect!

Ready to elevate your business finances? At EEA-Advisory, we’re not just accountants – we’re your strategic partners. Drawing from deep industry knowledge and expertise in Xero and MYOB, we craft tailored strategies for your business’s growth. Let’s connect and build a pathway to financial success together.

Launching Your Enterprise

Starting a new business is an exciting venture but comes with a fair share of challenges. Key among these is managing finances, ensuring compliance, and planning for growth. An experienced accounting firm like EEA Advisory can provide invaluable guidance during this critical phase.

Switch Accountants

Switching accountants may seem daunting but can be a strategic move if your current team is not fully meeting your needs. EEA Advisory make this process seamless, offering a comprehensive review of your current financial situation, identifying areas for improvement, and outlining a transition plan.

Leveraging Xero

Xero is a powerful cloud-based accounting software that can transform your business’s financial management. As a Xero partner, EEA Advisory can help you integrate this tool into your operations, offering real-time financial insights and streamlined processes. Our team provides hands-on training and ongoing support, helping you to leverage Xero’s capabilities to the fullest.

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